Round , Arched, Oval, Pointed - Custom special shaped shutters

Shutters are the perfect sun protection and insulation window decoration for every special shaped  window.

We have the perfect solution to offer you in a custom made to measure shutter installed by real tradesmen.

There are multiple ways to install a custom made shaped shutter , for instance " one the window" , "In the recess"  or indeed "on the wall" .

Our shutter specialist will visit you to offer the best advice and measure the shutter with a 2mm tolerance. Our special shaped shutters strengthen the shape of you window and we are sure you will be 100% satisfed with the super results

What ever the shape we can make it fit


Roof Window or Tilt and turn window

Made to measure shutters are perfect for your Roof window such as Velux or Fakro needed? No problem

We have a special Roof window frame that fits perfectly in your roof window.

The installing of your special Roof window shutter is also possible if the window extends out past the line of the recess itself. We will gratefully help you view each window on location to see if our solution would fit. The function of the roof window is not restricted or inhibited by the installation of the shutter. We can also install a " extension pin" in the handle of the window so that it  functions as " one " with the window, You also have at the same time the oppertunity to install a flatter window handle


Folding or sliding Shutters

Sliding Shutters: Perfect for large windows or door are folding or sliding shutters. For example any windows or sliding doors that are larger than 2.5m are ideal candidates for a sliding rail system. In this occasion a double rail is installed so that the shutter panels can pass one another and allow the shutter to be opened. 

Folding Rail system : These can also be used on large doors and windows but this time they fold away in a harmonica style on one rail.

Cupboard Doors : Shutters are more commonly being used as sliding cupboard doors allowing good ventilation for you expensive contents. These can be made as solid panels or combination panels where the bottom half is solid and the top half louvered

Room Dividers: In the same method as above shutters can be used a room dividers or sliding doors 

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