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Our Wooden Blinds are made from Basswood. A fine collection of blinds that we are very proud of.

You have many different options to design and customise you blinds by. Chose from a painted wood effect or a warm stained wood.

In addition you have different option in the width of the louvers - 25,35,50 and 63mm - and with strings or Ladder Band. 

All of our quality wooden blinds comes with a top pelmet that can be one, two or three sided to frame of that perfect blind. 

Strings and controls rods can be selected on several of our blinds and to which side the are installed.

Thses option make the difference in a blind - Get some inspiration in our Photo Gallery  


Brighton - basic collection

The Brighton Collection is our basic collection and offers you a good quality wooden blind versus a good price. You have the choice from nine colours  - black, white, cream and various shades of natural wood stain. The next point of difference can be made with strings or ladderband. The standard width of a ladderband on a 50 mm blind is 38mm and the standard of a 35mm louver is 25mm ladderband. In this collect the wooden blinds are deliverable in maximal  widths of 2400mm and maximal drops of 2700mm. If you are in doubt about which blinds suit best - Please just call us


Burlington and Vermont Collection

Our Burlington and Vermont collections are assembled from luxury woods and finishes to produce the perfect wooden blind in colour and finish-  for example our outstanding High gloss finish.  Small rooms like small louvers and we can offer you 25mm, 35 mm, 50mm as our standard range that will grace any room. What is special about this selection is the 63mm shutter look wooden blind that can be finished in Strings or in Ladder band. The finishing touch is  - you choose which sides the controls are located. 


Premium Collection

The Premium collection is made from Basswood and has a very fine and subtle wood grain where you can really feel the difference-  Finished off with an anti scratch waterproof furniture treatment.  You can choose from different shades of white and warm natural stained wood effects. One of the distinguishing facts about the premium collection is that the strings do not pass through the louvers but around  - The privacy finish and  no more holes.  You will not be able to find a better blind at a better price that our Premium wooden blinds.  Shutters direct are not just your supplier of top quality wooden shutters but also wooden blinds that you can mix and match with the shutters to suit every room and window style. 



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