Solutions and Options

One size fits all does not exist when you are looking at quality shutters and wooden blinds. There are many factors that will influence the questions  can this product be used in this room?

Will it ift? It will always fit if it is measured and installed properly  - but is it suitable for this situation? Does the room get wet ? How often will the window be opened? Do you have tilt and turn windows?

Ask an expert for advice - We see things that you might miss - thats what 10 years experince and thousands of installs brings

If it can be done we know how to do it

Advise is free - Got a question  ask an expert and Contact us today 

Different types of wood

Because we want to offer you the right wood  for the right situation our product range consists of 6 different types. The quality is the same just the physical properties of the wood are different.  Heavy Grain , light grain or Gloss, Water resistant   to name but a few.

You  choose which type of wood fits with your interior design and we can help you with the suitability of that product for that specific room. We even have the solution for bathrooms or rooms that can become damp, swimming pools and spa's and such like.

If you are looking for that " designer must have" we can offer you exclusive Designer shutters inspired by  famous interior designers-  Hi gloss finish, bleached teak and Piano finish are just a few super chic finishes we can offer. Check out our shutters summary page for more information and possibilities. 


Different types of shutters

Shutters have been used for hundreds of years and a rumored to have originated in Italy through the roman era. In those years the shutters were mostly installed on the outside of the windows with a fixed louver. This allowed air to flow through the room but while still offering privacy but more importantly controlling the light. 

Light  = heat. Control the light you are in control of the heat generated by the sun. 

Modern shutters tend to be inside the windows with a adjustable louver that allows to control the light and thus controlling the heat. Another added benefit of installing shutters on the inside of the windows is the calming effect that shutters brings with it. This is problay one of the most frequent comments from our clients when they admire thier shutters for the first time 

How much of the window you want to cover up is totally down to you , your own taste, limitations in your windows and your current decor scheme. Do you want to cover the whole window or just half of it " cafe style" . How do  the wondows open, inwards or outwards? We have a specific tilit and turn shutter. Do you use your garden doors a lot in the summer if so we can make the shutter fold out of the way or offer a sliding rail system.  See our shutter oversicht for more infomation

If it can be done  - we can do it


Looks great and trouble free

Our aim is to make your first research and experience with shutters easy and without problems. There will be challenges to over come and thats why we take the time to offer advice and to talk through all of the options to make your shutters look just the way you want them to.  Through our experience we can make the end result speak for itself and keep you a happy and content customer

A vast part of your research can be made by spending time on our site learning about what optiions are possible. Of course we would want that you choose our products to work with for your window decoration solution and to that end we are always available to talk through your options. Send through some pictures of your windows by email and we can offer you advice on what to look out for. Before you put pen to paper or agree to anything make contact with us for a consultation to discuss which options suit best and are most practical, a fixed price indication thats allows you to concider this in your budgets for your home inprovement

Contact Ons  today for a consultation -  we make shutters easy.


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