What makes us different than other shutter companies?

Shutters Direct do it all  - so that we are in full control. We measure , we give advice, we install and we give a guarantee - our name depends on it. That for us, combined with a top quality shutter makes the difference.

We understand the investment in time and money we all put into making our homes our own and we treat customers the way we would expect to be treated ourselves - Top quality and a competitive price.

Over the past 10 years we have delivered and installed shutters over the whole of Europe to our customers total satisfaction - that we are very proud of.  In addition we are the sole distributor of Kelly Hoppen shutters - the unique must have collection from a very well know English interior designer


The Shutters Direct Team

Due to the fact that our team are all shutter fanatics we like to think that we can entice you  into our world of wooden window decorations.

Becuase we have total control of every part of the process we ensure your install goes perfectly from start to finish. Our passion in shutters started off as a hobby when we were sourcing shutters for our own home - soon neighbors,  friends and family were all asking where we had sourced them from - Now its one of our core products for our business.

Through 10 years experience communication is one of our strong points and we will keep you fully informed of the status of your project. 


All inclusive package

The price of your shutters is simple to calculate -  Take the height of your window,  multiply it by  the breadth and then times  it by the SQM price = your price. This  includes all extras including Installation , measuring and any other customisations needed to make your project perfect.

Even down to extra wood or even special hinges - we think that we have thought of everything - its all included. Be aware of other companies that start to add extras to the costs, travel time , different louver sizes and so on.

With Shutters Direct what you see -  is what you pay 




Our service promise

You of course want fantastic service and great quality, and we hope that you choose our shutters.

We aim for 100% satisfaction and treat you and your home in the same way we would treat our own - with respect. 

Shutters Direct - The shutter specialist with the best "all inclusive" offer


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