Types of wood 

In our collection we offer you different types of wood , each with their own features and benefits

Woodlore - Also known as Eccowood , Made from pressed wood fibres. A solid durable shutter suitable for most occasions including rooms that may get damp. Available in 5 colours

Woodlore+ An adaptation of Woodelore, The louvers are made from a lighter ABS material allowing the shutter panels to be wider. Available in 18 colours

Popular Wood - A hard wood shutter that makes a great smooth shutter. Available in painted and varnished finishes 

Phonexihout - A light weight  hard wood with a light wood grain

Elm- Hard wood with a deep grain for a more rustic feel

White teak - Hard wood  premium shutter that has been FSC certified

Designer Shutters - Designed an renound English interior designer , this shutter collection offer fantastic high gloss through to bleached colours. 


Louver size and controls

Which size of louvers would suit me best? The factors determining this are influenced by how wide the panels are, what size of room the shutters are being installed in - thats where our 10 years of experience comes in.

We will of course advise you about the many possibilites of  louver widths and methods of opening and closing the shutters and which ones would best suit your situation. 


47mm (4.7cm) -  Only available with the " control rod" on the front of the shutter

63mm (6.3cm)  - Available with control rod or with " clear view" where the louvers are linked together and opened or closed by turning on louver

89mm ( 8.9cm) Available with control rod or clearview

114cm (11.4cm) Available with control rod or clearview

What ever size you choose our shutter expert has samples of all sizes and will happily show you the differences in look and effect on the light in your room


Our shutters are delivered with custom made installation frames with built in magnets,  where the shutter panels lock and engage -  ensuring secure closing mechanism.

We have a unique range of installation frames so that you can choose the sort of detail in the trimming and finishing of your shutters. Modern , minimalistic or classic, whatever fits with your room.

You would make these choices as part of your appointment with our shutter expert , ensuring your shutters close and operate perfectly time and time again.

In the Day :  Installing your shutters in the recess ( between the wall opening also known as in "the day"). The shutters can be installed on you own windows or in line with the wall opening - our shutter specialist will advise you where the best practical solution is 

On the Day : If however due to shallow window sills or the way the windows open the can be installed on the wall surrounding the windows " on the day" 

Z frames: If your walls are not quite as straight as they should be we can use Z frames that are half in and half on the day allowing us several cm's tolerance to hide those imperfections

There are of course many other methods of installing your shutters and each one is taken on a case by case basis.

Installations are also possible on Velux windows or tilt and turn windows - our shutter expert will help you choose the right system

What ever shape it is we will make it fit

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